The meaning of true devotion
Having proved Bhagavan’s qualities similar to Him, Srila Jiva Goswami in the next section explains why different people have completely different experiences with Bhagavan. The properties of water are the same everywhere, but Bhagavan manifests Himself for different people in different ways. Some see Him in one form, others in another, still others do not see any image at all, for them He is a formless something, at best a clot of dazzling radiance. Moreover, if we accept the existence of energies in God, for example, the energy of grace, then how to explain the existence of cruelty, evil and pain, in which this world is choked? Won't all this then be a manifestation of the energy of the same God? Vastavam vastu frees from suffering and gives the experience of bliss, but who then gives us the experience of pain? Who puts us in slavery? Isn't that the same Bhagavan? To answer all these difficult questions and protect God from allegations of cruelty, many religions postulate that there is an antagonist of God. The spirit of competition with God, living in the heart of every living creature, personified in the form of an “enemy of the human race,” allows them to protect God from accusations of cruelty, but makes Him part of the good and evil of this world. Part of the creation of God, and a significant part, is thus rejected by them, just as the alien spiritual experience is rejected: “Only my God is real, all who see God differently are mistaken. All other spiritual practices and religions are inspired by Satan. ” So often the love of God, which they seek to find, turns into hatred of the “apostates”. Of course, this does not happen to everyone and not always, but, alas, it happens. Five blind people, feeling one elephant, will always blame each other for blindness, and each of them will be right in his own way! But to truly accept God and His creation in its entirety and at the same time maintain the ability to distinguish, swim between the Scylla of dogmatism and the Charybdis of omnivorousness, equally avoid attempts to blindly justify everything and cruelly condemn everything that does not fit into a narrow framework of our dogma, can only those who recognize the existence of internally conflicting qualities in God.
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